I always feel like decision making is always hard. I am the most indecisive person but it is a very common question that I get asked and I want to give you some advice that will hopefully help and in this way, you will be right when choosing the system that best suits what you need.


I believe in having a product that allows you to extend your outdoor living bringing the indoors outside I think is amazing, especially if you are an outdoors person like me. One of the main reasons that both products are good is that they can be adapted to fit all year round, as living in the UK can always be unpredictable as we all know.

First, let’s determine the difference between the two types of products and the aesthetics of them both.


An awning is a canvas covering extending from your home to screen the area below a window or door. We have options to add additional extras which include LED lights and heaters which keeps you warm in the cooler nights and winter months.  This has the option to retract in being able to have that open space again or be able to retract it out and have the shade that you need, which work perfect for the summer and winter months. All of our awnings when being installed have the be fixed to a solid building or house.


A pergola is usually not normally connected to the house but we do have options which allow you to have it standing tall or connected to your home, either way It is a structure with columns supporting a “louvred roof” thats is mechanically motorised which gives you options for sunlight or full closer and is water tight for those rainy days. We can add full electric lighting, heaters as well as sides which allow you have that feel of being indoors and cosy.  You could also drape the pergola for a more homely feel, or you can also use it as a place to grow vines or other plants. Please bear in mind that this doesn’t work well if you do have sides on your pergola due to the fabric or plants could get trapped. 

If the main reason you want an outdoor structure is to protect you from the sun, weighing an awning versus a pergola is a clear victory for me. Pergolas won’t block the sun, but then you also have an option to have full closure, you will be able to have a cosy outdoor living space which can be adapted to all weathers. Head over to our inspiration gallery to view lots of ideas for your space. 

Awnings are sturdy and built to stand up to sunlight. They provide shade for your guests who want to get out of the heat, and you can retract the awning easily when you no longer need it. A pergola, on the other hand, is a fixed structure. Awnings can also hold up to heavy winds because they are anchored to the house. Additionally, in providing indoor benefits to your home by keeping sunlight away from the windows, cooling the interior of the house and potentially lowering utility bills.

So after some advice and a little bit understanding of both products a little bit more, which would you choose? Get in touch for your personalised quote.

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